Monday, July 11, 2005

Core Values?

I like Barack Obama. I agree with him on very little, but he seems to be a very personable, passionate, and well-intentioned person (well, as well-intentioned as a politician can be). But I find myself amused by his response to a question at a town-hall meeting in Orlando this weekend (courtesy of the Sentinel)...

Glenn Anderson of Orlando: "I see a Democratic Party afraid to say they're Democrats, who voted for the war in Iraq and voted for tax cuts for the wealthy. Why should I remain a Democrat?"

Obama: "The Democrats at times have lost their way. We are trying to decide what our core values are."

Ingoring the ludicrous "tax cuts for the wealthy argument" that we dispelled here, I am intrigued by the response. "We are trying to decide what our core values are." They have to decide what their core values are?!? I am now remembering why I left this party many years ago (or it left me in the words of Reagan). I can see it now... Focus groups... Polling... Maybe a planning meeting or two to analyze the results and try to figure out what should be the "core values" of the party.

To me, this is the major difference in the two parties. Like the values or not, most people can identify the Republican "core values": tax cuts, fiscal restraint, defense, moral values, etc. I would define myself as a conservative and not necessarily a Republican due to the fact that I don't think they act on these stances as strongly as they should (esp. the fiscal restraint), but still, friends and enemies pretty much agree with the list above and spin it to suit their tastes.

Democrat "core values?" Hmmm.... Disagreeing with the President on everything? Guess that's not a value. Well... um... geez... guess I'm stumped. Obviously Barack and his party mates are as well, judging by this (and some similar recent comments by higher-ups in the party). Keep trying to decide what your values are, and keep losing elections, fellas...


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