Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Nissan considers coming to Nashville... what do you think the reasons are?

According to the Tennessean, Nissan is as little as a week away in deciding whether to move its North American headquarters from Los Angeles to Cool Springs. What could be the reasons for this move?

Relocation specialists point out that the cost of doing business in Nashville is significantly less than the cost of doing business in the Los Angeles area, where the company's North American operations have been based since 1960.

Tennessee has lower business tax rates, no personal income tax and significantly lower real estate and utility costs than Southern California...

"If you look at any of the West Coast markets, the housing prices, the tax rates are all high,"

Gee... sure glad we didn't put in that state income tax, aren't you? It's amazing that all we heard at the time was that we needed the income tax and it wouldn't affect our attracting businesses here, but every single time a business looks to move here, the lack of a state income tax is one of the primary reasons.

Update (2:09PM): Just found a posting on this topic from a few weeks ago over at the ever-excellent Right Minded that's worth a read...


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