Sunday, April 24, 2005

Disney Book Recommendations: ABC Disney

One more book to list today. This one's got a recommended age range of 4 to 8, but I haven't let my kids get their hands on it. Although the title would make you think it was a book about the ABC Television purchase, ABC Disney is actually a pop-up book created by master paper engineer and New York Times' Best Seller, Robert Sabuda.

This one's hard to find, kids. I scooped this one up in the kids section of a Barnes and Noble several years ago. It is now out of print and sells used through sites for anywhere from $50-100. A few sellers have it on eBay for a lower price, but it normally still sells for well over the original $22 list price.

The reason why it's such a hot commodity is the art and detail of the book... this isn't your father's pop-up book. Each letter of the alphabet is represented in amazing detail by a fabulous animated Disney character. As you open the flap, the character jumps off the page (literally). Sabuda's work in this (and other) books show an unbelievable level of craftsmanship. Here's an example of the Snow White 'S' pop-up:

And here's a few other examples:

'G' for Genie 'A' for Ariel

'B' for Bambi'J' for Jiminy

It's really hard to capture the nature of this work in a 2d picture. Only if you get a chance to take a look at one of Sabuda's books at the bookstore will you be able to truly appreciate the complexity and beauty of his work.

Maybe I'll get to that Disney Architecture book later this week...


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