Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Scenes from a hat...

Watching "Whose Line" and they're playing "Scenes from a Hat." (For those not familiar with the show and that have asked about the name of this blog... There... you... go...) What did we learn today? "Wayne has a fig ol' futt." (they were playing a game prior where they had to replace "b" with "f.") Also... things you'd say about your computer and not your girlfriend... "Ah... it's going down again... ." Ok... doesn't seem so funny on paper (or screen), but you had to be there. Don't know why, but this show makes me laugh. I was always a mark for the Comedy Warehouse (when I wasn't at my all-time favorite place, the Adventurer's Club) during my time at Disney. So sue me... ;)

This show is the one and only thing I watch on ABC-Family. Glad it found a home, and I wish they were still making episodes. Still doesn't make the unwise purchase from Fox make any sense for Disney, but this is what they intended to do with this channel... replay series from ABC. Of course, they goobered the deal by not researching it out to figure out that they couldn't do it with non-ABC produced shows. D'oh...


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