Saturday, May 07, 2005

Joe Grant (1908-2005) - Disney Legend

Joe Grant passed away yesterday. For those not up on the behind-the-scenes at FA, Mr. Grant has been involved in Feature Animation work since 1933, working as a conceptual artist beginning with Snow White. He was the only artist to work on both Fantasia's. He provided contributions to projects right up to Lorenzo, Monsters, Inc., and other modern projects. He was still a full-time employee of Feature Animation in his nineties and was in the office the day before his death. An incredible story.

Jim Hill has a nice remembrance, and Animation World Magazine has a nice interview from 1999. Interviews can also be found on the Walt Disney Treasures - On the Front Lines DVD set.

Update (5/10/05): Save Disney now has a very nice tribute to this animation pioneer.


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