Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another Disney Ride Incident

This one on TOT...

Tampa Bay's Channel 10 News is reporting that a British teen suffered a cardiac arrest after riding the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at TDS. Apparently the girl "felt strange" after the ride, but told her mother she'd be OK.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says the girl's condition then deteriorated so rapidly that her heart stopped beating and she had to be resuscitated by emergency workers.

The girl's condition isn't known, but she's being seen by a neurosurgeon.

The spokesman said that no other passengers complained of injuries and that the ride seemed to be functioning properly.


Update (7/13/05 13:38 CT): Not much new on this, other than the girl is in critical condition.

Update (7/13/05 22:32 CT): More from the Sentinel:

Disney employees noticed the sick teen and asked if she needed help. She declined, but an employee called Reedy Creek Fire Rescue anyway, Solomons said.

Leanne's condition worsened as time passed. A caller told an emergency dispatcher the teen was so weak she clung to her mother for support, according to a recording released by an official for the Reedy Creek Improvement District, Disney's governmental arm.

"She's very shaky. She's holding on to her mother. I'd given her some water, but she hadn't drank any yet," the caller told dispatchers. Reedy Creek officials did not release the name of the caller.

Paramedics arrived at 9:57 a.m.. When Orange County deputies arrived less than five minutes later, they called for homicide investigators. They thought Leanne was so ill she might die, prompting a death investigation, Solomons said.

On the way to the hospital, Deacon's heart stopped. Medical personnel worked to start it. They rushed her into the care of a neurosurgeon, Solomons said.

Disney officials shut down the Tower of Terror for the investigation, and the state bureau of ride inspections dispatched two senior managers to Disney at the company's request, said Terry McElroy, a spokesman for the State Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection. They will review Disney safety procedures.

Officials will determine whether to reopen Tower of Terror today.

"We just want to run it through the paces and test it to make sure it's completely operational," Walt Disney World spokesman Bill Warren said.

This isn't the first time a medical emergency has prompted investigators to scrutinize the Tower of Terror.


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