Thursday, August 04, 2005

I guess it's on...

Back from a hiatus with one for the locals...

Congress OKs money for I-65, Mack Hatcher

Now more fights about which of the 14 or so proposed routes for the Mack Hatcher extension. I guess I haven't read close enough on this, but will this extension be four lanes? Can they please make it so? And while they're at it, widen the stretch from Columbia toMurfreesboro?!?

It appears that there has been discussion while I was out about whether it makes more sense to widen Columbia, Main, and Hillsboro or to extend Mack Hatcher. Some are saying that these roads are backed up during rush hour and would benefit from the widening far more than the benefit of the extension. But I must pose a question: Wouldn't the extension take a fair amount of this traffic off of these roads? I know that I won't be turning onto Hillsboro or Columbia from Mack Hatcher once this is complete. From experience, it appears to me that a large portion of the Hillsboro backup turns right onto 96W. This is the exact group of people that would instead use the extension, no?


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