Friday, July 22, 2005

Deferred Success?

Reuters is reporting that, in order to avoid labeling and demoralizing pupils, teachers in Great Britian are considering banning the use of the word "fail" in the classroom, opting instead for the softer term "deferred success." So, along with banning red ink in favor of a happier purple and not keeping score in soccer, we are continuing to tell our kids that success is not desirable. That we need to somehow shelter our children from potential failure, fearing that it will injure their psyche instead of allowing them to grow from their failures and strive for success. I have been trying to teach my 7-year old that you fail, you fail, you fail, and then eventually you succeed. If we don't build on the "try and try again" mentality, the kids will grow to feel that failur... er... deferred success is acceptable and will never strive for success, IMHO.

Political correctness gone amuck...


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