Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Party of Fiscal Restraint?!?

GOPBloggers correctly makes the case that I have on many occasions... The GOP is looking to lose their fiscal conservative base with their out of control spending habits. If the Dems had ANY candidate who looked solid, presidential, and was even a fiscal moderate, they would win the White House. Same goes for many Senate/House seats. Lucky for us, they are just as bungling as the GOP at this point...

The cited post quotes a John Fund article that details things such as:
  • $24.2 billion towards 6,373 "earmarks" (i.e. pork projects) "stuffed like a turkey" into the highway bill
  • White House Budget Director Josh Bolten stating he "didn't have time" to worry about budget restrictions in the wake of Katrina spending
  • "The president could exercise leadership by insisting that we set priorities and offset the cost of Katrina relief by making changes elsewhere," says [Sen. Tom] Coburn. "Sadly, we don't have that leadership."

The biggest disappointment I have with the national GOP is not the war, handling of natural disasters, or anything in that realm. It is simply that they talk conservative, but when the budget hits the books, they spend every bit as much as the Dems.


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