Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Disaster Relief Package - Avon partners with Gifts in Kind

From a friendly neighborhood Avon lady in Frankin, TN. Avon has successfully done this type of donation effort for the tsunami victims and the troops stationed in Iraq in the past as well:

Avon has teamed up with Gifts in Kind—the world's leading charity in product philanthropy—to send disaster relief kits to people across the U.S. whose lives have been disrupted by disasters, both natural and man-made. Disaster can strike at any time. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans become the victims of disasters, such as floods, hurricanes and fires.

Each disaster relief kit costs only $10. They are sent directly to the victims of the disaster. The kits include five indispensable toiletries:
  • On Duty 24 Roll-On Deodorant
  • Moisture Therapy Hand Cream
  • Moisture Therapy Lip Balm
  • Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus
  • Skin-So-Soft Shower Gel
All proceeds go to the purchase of these products and Avon will send $4 per kit sold to Gifts in Kind for continuing disaster relief.

These can be ordered from anywhere, not just by local Franklin folks. If you would like to purchase one or more kits, please e-mail me (avonbykris-at-gmail-dot-com). Payments can be made by check, credit card or PayPal.


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