Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ball State game DVD update

I've spent a fair amount of my free time (sacrificing regular posting here) working on cutting old 1989 and 1990 BSU games to MPEG for the purpose of cutting them to DVD. Since I had a person or two drop an e-mail asking about the progress, I figured I'd drop a little note here.

I have watched and MPEG'd the entire 1989 series (sans the Purdue and Kent St. conference championship games), and all of the 1990 games. I also discovered the final 7 minutes or so of the home Miami game from 1989 on the end of one of the tapes (the Illinois game had been taped over this game). Suprisingly, the game films were of pretty decent quality. A minor cutaway here, and a minor tape flaw there, but otherwise OK. My hopes are up that these may archive OK. I'm still having single-channel problems with the audio, but I may have to just live with that.

It's been a fun ride re-watching these games for the first time in many years and remembering just how good that team was. They were frustrating at the same time, though. How many times can you hear an announcer say "Ball State has not scored in the last 6 minutes" and see a 10 point lead turn into a deficit? That team sure had it's dead spots on offense! Along with realizing how important Kidd and McCurdy were, it was interesting to remember just how important some of the others were (Parrish, Miller, Stalling, etc.). I've been getting much to little sleep from watching these games!

I figure I'll work on formatting them to disc in the next few weeks and see how they turn out. Don't know if I'll post here again (I'm sure it's boring for some), but e-mail me if you are interested in the progress...


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