Friday, August 05, 2005

PC Police in the NCAA offices

NCAA limits Indian mascots

Starting in February, a team in the postseason with an "offensive" Native American logo or nickname will not be able to have a mascot present or wear uniforms with said logo and/or nickname during the tournament. Also, if said team hosts a postseason event, they will have to cover "offensive logos." In '08, cheerleader and bands will be included in the ban. No word yet on when they ban the fans from wearing t-shirts with the nicknames.

So, if Florida State or Illinois hosts a post-season game, do they have to run around campus and cover every Seminole or Illini reference? Or is this just on the field of play? I can just picture the folks in these towns sweeping the campus for every road sign, statue and poster before gametime...

Guidelines were not immediately available on which logos and nicknames would be considered "hostile or abusive."

Hmm... that's kinda open-ended. Think that can be extended outside of the Native American context? Anybody with some cow, pig, or chicken nicknames? Maybe PETA can decide that, say, Gamecocks are abused in cock-fighting, can they petition to be included in this "hostile or abusive" group. How about the Bisons? We eat those suckers, don't we? Razorbacks?

Look... I'm not for outwardly offending anybody. But this is just silly. Many years ago, Miami University in Ohio were named the Redskins. I remember reading back when this was a controversy that the Chief of the Miami tribe had a treaty with the university about the use of the nickname, and that he, in fact, saw the name of the school and the use of the nickname as an honor and approved. Of course, fast forward to today and the Miami RedHawks. Guess how that happened?!?

Update (8/5/05 12:27CT): I see that there is a chain of comments on this on the MAC fan site. Apparently my memory was correct about the Miami situation. I'll have to look and see if I can find some posts on a Florida State or Illinois site...


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