Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Off the face of the earth...

Light posting for the next week or so. Work and home concerns have trumped anything meaningful for the last couple of weeks. In the meantime, may I direct you to some nice reading:

  • Franklin Kool-Aid is tackling the growth, road, and battlefield issues for here in Franklin, as well as the upcoming election cycle. Good stuff posted (and commented) daily.
  • Bill Hobbs has some TennCare talk. Guess Bredesen is not as good a manager as advertised...
  • Jim Hill has a look at the new prototype Disney Store and Narnia talk, which interests me greatly. Disney appears to be getting their ducks in a row, with some good films and talk of negotiations with Pixar.
  • Football! Football! Football!!! FanBlogs has a round-up of college football blogs. Very nicely done.
  • Ready for Election '08? Didn't think so. Patrick Ruffini is hosting a straw poll if you're interested, though.
  • There's plenty of good politics at Michelle's, GOPBloggers, WizBang, PowerLine, and LGF (to name a few).
Maybe by the time you're done at those sites, I'll be posting again!!!


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