Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's Official! kinda... maybe... probably...

According to the Birdcage Liner, it's a done deal. Nissan is coming to Cool Springs. Nissan is playing their cards close to the vest, though...

Nissan spokesman Fred Standish said he could neither confirm nor deny that information.

"There has been a study going on, and we expect a decision by mid-November," he said last night. "When we have made a decision, we will announce it."

The L.A. Times also is running an article which I found to be a little more informative. Of particular note is that "Mr. K" is against the move, thinking the company will lose "its sensitivity to the [U.S.] car business" by moving out of Cali, since nearly all of the Asian manufacturers work out of there. If you don't know, "Mr. K" is "Yutaka Katayama, renowned as the father of the Nissan 'Z' sports car. Katayama, 96, is called 'Mr. K' by legions of Nissan enthusiasts and was head of the U.S. operation from its inception in 1958 until 1978."

Some local reaction:
  • Bob Krumm agrees with me that the people yelling for more taxes should take note that every article about this move notes the favorable tax structure here as a deciding factor.
  • Franklin Circus expresses valid concerns about infrastructure.



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