Sunday, January 22, 2006

Week 10 Power Rankings: On to division play

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Likely my last post during Tim's hiatus, I provide my cut at the Power Rankings for the week. As we head into the heart of the in-division schedule, some surprising West over East games shake things up at the top. With the MAC powers lining up this week for some interesting games, things may shake up even further in the coming week.

Tim may or may not update this to his liking if he thinks I'm a darn fool. It's been fun hanging out here for the week, and feel free to check out my views on the MAC, as well as politics and a little bit of everything else at Scenes from a Hat.

As usual, you are encouraged to make a visit to Vandelay Sports for their Power Rankings. Compare... contrast... talk amongst yourselves...

1. Akron (13-3, 6-0) (2) - 3 wins for the week and solidly on the top of the rankings at this point.

2. Kent State (12-5, 6-0) (4) - Also undefeated for the week and solidly up top, with solid wins against NIU and Western.

3. Ohio (11-3, 5-1) (2) – A loss to NIU moves the Bobcats down a tick, but still look like a team to beat in the East.

4. Miami (9-6, 6-1) (3) – A split week as well, with a win against UT and a loss at Western.

5. Northern Illinois (9-6, 4-3) (5) – Still the class of the West, splitting with East leaders Ohio and Kent.

6. Bowling Green (7-9, 3-3) (7) – A pretty good week on the road, besting Eastern and losing a one-point decision in Muncie

7. Buffalo (13-4, 3-3) (6) – A stunning home loss against CMU keeps the Bulls surprisingly in the MAC East cellar.

8. Western Michigan (5-11, 2-4) (9) – A big win against Miami keeps the Broncos in 2nd place in the West.

9. Ball State (5-9, 1-5) (10) – A close loss at Buffalo and a close win against BG put BSU into 3rd place in the West.

10. Toledo (8-7, 1-6) (8) – The tumble continues for UT, as they lose two this week and five of the last six.

11. Central Michigan (3-12, 1-6) (12) - A surprising road victory against Buffalo makes the season outlook a little brighter for the Chips.

12. Eastern Michigan (3-11, 0-6) (11) –Now the only winless MAC squad after losses against BG and Akron.


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