Thursday, June 16, 2005

Boom goes the Dynamite...

Ball State has a very good Journalism school. As part of their program, many of the students aspiring to be news/sportscasters get their chance to cut their teeth on the on-camera stuff via closed circuit TV channels on the campus. This poor schmoo was brought in as a last second replacement for his first on-air gig, and this is the result.

As of right now, he is not talking to the media. Hopefully he won't turn his back on his chosen profession after one bad outing. I'm sure that the initial go for many of the good ones was bad as well. Too bad for him that his first outing is in the middle of the information age where spreading the "Star Wars Kid" video and the like is in vogue...

And h$##... if he copyrights his catch phrase, he may be able to pay for his next three years of college!!!

Update (4/22/05): From the Ball State Daily News:

92,000 Google references and counting!!!

Update (6/16/05):

Haven't touched on this story in a while (or much of anything for that matter), but the Dynamite kid has finally broken his media silence, appearing on BSU-Alum David Letterman's Late Show, as well as this appearance on The Early Show on CBS. Good for him... glad to see him making lemons, or whatever the h#%@ that phrase is...


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