Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lazy Muncie

"If you don't like it here, move ya ass to Fort Wayne!" - Chris and Kirby, "Lazy Muncie"

You've seen the great SNL "Lazy Sunday" skit, and the follow-up west coast version. Here's the midwest response, straight outta my hometown (in fact, America's Hometown -- Muncie, IN) and home of my university, good ol' BSU. I'm sure it's funnier to me, with all of the local references (my parents eat at that Bob's nearly every day, for instance), but stick with it, as there is a very funny cameo 2/3 of the way through.


You can get more info on the story behind the production from the Ball State Daily News. Also, find Chris and Kirby's website here.

Note: Apologies to Firefox users (myself included). It seems the Firefox doesn't recognize the autoplay="FALSE" setting in the EMBED statement. Thus, this thing plays automagically whenever the page is loaded in Firefox. IE seems to work OK (which is a miracle in itself). If I had the time (or the motivation), I'd do some research to figure this out. But I don't, so...

Update (3/20/06 8:25am): Commenter Alexandru delivered the solution to the Firefox issue:

To stop autoplay in firefox:

works. i used it!!! stops anything now.

tell me if it works for you.
Alexandru BAuer


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